- THL's Something Stinks! named an outstanding Science Trade Book for 2014!

Nov. 8 by Sarah Campbell

"We at THL are thrilled to report that The National Science Teachers Association and Children’s Book Council’s (NSTA-CBC) Outstanding Science Committee selected THL’s Something Stinks for its list of 2014 Outstanding Science Trade Books for K-12."


-"Something Stinks! That’s not exactly how most authors would like a review of their book to start is it? With this one we have an exception.

"We start with Emily, a bright, athletic, inquisitive, young lady just trying to get by in middle school. Something Stinks is exactly what is going on in Emily’s head. At first she thinks the stink is only coming from what’s washed up on the banks of the Higdon River. But we soon learn..."

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-"I approached this novel thinking that if it had to do with science it could not possibly hold my attention, but like Emily Sanders, I was surprised with what I discovered and happy I persevered! In other words, I’m glad I tested the Something Stinks! water."

From-Ronna Mandel, Good Reads With Ronna, reviewing the latest and greatest books and educational products for kids and families.

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-Just in! Something Stinks! "...It's a fantastic read, and I guarantee that you'll learn something along the way!"
Joe Hempel, Top of the Heap reviews
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-Something Stinks!
5-star review for Something Stinks! in

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JOIN ME! Wed, May 14th, 5pm-6pm at Tampa's only full service INDEPENDENT bookstore. • 216 S. Armenia Ave., Tampa, FL 33609-3310 • 813-253-2638. Participate in a 95 year tradition - the longest-running national literacy initiative in the country and celebrate Children’s Book Week at Tampa’s only local independent bookstore for new books, with Something Stinks! author Gail Hedrick. In this event primarily for middle school students in grades 4-6, Gail will talk about her book and the writing process.

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Important Stuff:

-"Something Stinks!" NSTA Award Winner Released April 28, 2013 Something Stinks cover

'Emily Sanders is a typical seventh grader – reluctant to see the summer end, she is dealing with BFF drama with her friend Leanne as she heads back to school in her small Virginia town and discovers that, well, Something Stinks!. When she stops by to see her Uncle Joe and Aunt Sylvie, Emily gets a whiff of something.

Outstanding Science Trade Book

"The moment I stepped out of Mom’s car I knew something was terribly wrong. I gasped as a horrible smell streamed up my nose. It was like that awful mix of odors that drift out of a dumpster behind a bad restaurant. The only problem was I was not behind a bad restaurant. I was at my aunt and uncle’s apple orchard. “This is nasty!” I blurted out, and I pinched my nostrils shut."

Join Emily on the hunt to find out who killed the fish, her friendship, and why life in the seventh grade is far from simple.

Something Stinks! now available at and Tumblehome Learning.

Read an interview about Gail and the making of the book.

Author visits have begun! My first author visits were in Virginia, in Martinsville, near where Something Stinks! was set. Paul Collins, Martinsville Bulletin, covered the one at Rich Acres Elementary, Ms. Griffiths and Ms. Hearns 5th graders were full of questions, and ideas about writing. I had a blast, and please read this article at the Martinsville Bulletin.

***Teachers, please contact me directly regarding a visit to your school! ***

-Almost here! FarFaria,, is a subscription-based children’s storybook app for the iPad, offering a huge collection of stories with more added all the time. The download is free and parents can try it out free for one month, then the subscription in $3.99/month. I have been lucky enough to do some writing for this company. My first story, A Fish Tale goes ‘live’ as an app the day after Christmas!

Fish Tale Cover